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All victims of theft deserve more from the police and justice system than simply a crime number...

Bedford and Luton named among UK's top three most generous areas by JustGiving

nearly £600m was raised by people in Luton and Bedford

austerity cuts meant inexperienced officers were left to deal with burglaries

England and Wales police failing burglary victims, inspectorate finds

Government crackdown against organised criminal gangs.

Police to adopt new 'Clear, Hold, Build' tactic

HMICFRS State of Policing 2022

Police are not Thought Police

Head of HMICFRS - UK Forces are not 'The Thought Police'

Says, Andy Cooke, New Head of HMICFRS, Former Chief Constable of Merseyside

LNW Brochure 2023 Now Available for Download

Anti Race Plan Launched

Launch of Police Race Action Plan

The Plan is focused on Black Communities

Andy Cooke Head of HMICFRS

More visible policing ‘putting doors in to catch people’

Police need to stop doing "PR Jobs"

NHW CEO Amazed by LNW Work Across Luton

LNW is Praised as an Exemplar

New police chief goes to war on wokery: Cannabis

Officers SHOULD stop and search people who smell of cannabis

Police Race Action Plan: Independent Scrutiny and Oversight Board Report 2022/23

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