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"Amazing work you are undertaking in Luton", CEO tells Luton Neighbourhood Watch

CEO of National Neighbourhood Watch Praises John Fullarton (Chair of LNW) and its Members for their Work

LNW was honoured by a visit from John Hayward-Cripps CEO on 6th July, at their office in Lewsey Farm.

The CEO met with John Fullarton (Chair of LNW), Inspector Fiona Dawson (Luton South & East), and LNW Steering Group members Peter Appleyard (Area Coordinator) and Andrew Martin.

On display were literature, and security devices that LNW distribute to the most vulnerable across Luton. John Fullarton gave several examples of LNW’s work helping communities and supporting the work of the police e.g., Ring cameras were installed in the homes of victims of Domestic Abuse for their added security, a high number of thefts of gold jewellery from the Asian community was addressed by contacting jewellers, who agreed to photograph all jewellery they sold so that stollen gold could be identified if thieves tried to sell it.

John said,  "LNW meets with our local Community Police teams on a regular basis to resolve community issues as part of an effective working partnership."

John said he had recently been invited to Police HQ in Kempson to present to Community Police Teams on the role of Neighbourhood Watch and partnership working with Bedfordshire Police.

Inspector Dawson, who kindly attend the Lewsey meeting shared some of the challenges her officers face in Bedfordshire’s Community Police Teams and how these are being overcome in Luton. Inspector Dawson described how Bedfordshire Police's strong partnership with LNW was helping to make a difference in keeping residents safe.

As Area Coordinator, Peter Appleyard described some of the projects that the Headley Rise Neighbourhood Scheme has run including food distribution to vulnerable people during Covid lockdown,  the planting of a fruit tree orchard for wildlife and the public, his role in Street Watch, and his successful fundraising for charities and his local NHW scheme.

LNW described how they had developed a new website and how this was helping to support the work of the police and provide helpful information to the public e.g., publishing: police priority setting meeting dates and venues, public engagements, hyperlinks to information on PCC and force webpages, and Community Police Team officer photos and contact details.

John also described LNW’s data analysis work and how this was providing insight into crime hotspots to aid members' understanding of crime and ASB in their area.

Mr Hayward-Cripps was impressed with LNW's work and said:

"The mix of police/crime work and community is a really shining example of what the best of Neighbourhood Watch can achieve.", and said he “would like to include some of the work in our National Impact Report this year”.

John Fullarton said, “I am grateful to John Hayward-Cripps for his kind words in recognising the hard work of LNW members. 

Our members help their communities to be safe and pleasant places to live for everyone, and support the vital work of the police as our partners.”

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