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Donate to Luton Neighbourhood Watch 

Neighbourhood Watch is one of the most effective crime reduction initiatives ever!

Academic research has shown that neighbourhood schemes can reduce crime in an area by 16% - 25%.

Schemes are run by communities for communities, there are no paid employees.

We are not a funded organisation. We rely on donations and funds raised by members to purchase the items needed to set up every scheme such as street signs and literature.

We are force partners with Bedfordshire Police, and support the work of the police as well as communities. 

  • We aim to improve the quality of life of people in communities.

  • Help to prevent crime.

  • Reduce antisocial behaviour.


Neighbourhood Watch is open to all and free to join.

Please help to support our work, if you can, by donating whatever you can afford:

Bank Details
Account Name:    Luton Neighbourhood Watch
Bank Details:        Metro Bank

Address:               10-20 Castle St,
                               LU1 3AJ

Telephone No.:      020 3402 7980

Account Number: 39711427
Sort Code:             23-05-80

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