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Complaints Policy

Issue No: 1.0

Last Review: May 2024

Review Due: May 2026


Our organisation always aims to treat all members and supporters with the highest level of care and respect. When a complaint is received it will be logged and investigated promptly.

We seek to constantly improve the service to members and supporters and ensure our policy adheres to best practices. Therefore, we regard complaints as an opportunity for us to reflect on our processes and practices and see if there are opportunities for us to strengthen and improve them.


However, on occasion, we recognise that we may not meet our high standards.

Our organisation is regulated by the Fundraising Regulator (FR), the independent regulator of charity fundraising. The FR sets and promotes the standards for all fundraising activities, known as the “Code of Fundraising Practice”. For more information on the FR, please visit their website,


Definition of a complaint
We define a complaint as a situation or instance where either an individual or organisation, considers that
our organisation has fallen short of their reasonable expectations and wishes to express their dissatisfaction. A complaint can be communicated to our organisation by any channel including, telephone, mail, email, social media or in person.


Luton NW Complaints Process

Complaints should be made to the Chair via email or to our postal address:

Luton Community Watch

Lewsey Community Centre.

Landrace Road,




United Kingdom




Complaints Process

We take all complaints very seriously and aim to resolve complaints quickly, fairly and effectively. We promise to deal with your complaint sensitively.

We will acknowledge your complaint, no later than two working days after receipt. Wherever possible, we will provide a full resolution to your complaint at the same time.


Where your concerns require us to undertake further investigations, and we are not able to provide a full resolution as part of our initial response, we will, within two working days after receipt, provide you with an expected timescale for our response as part of your acknowledgement and keep you up-to-date at regular intervals throughout our investigations. Where this is the case, we will also tell you who is managing your complaint so you have a point of contact should you need to get in touch with us. In any event, you should expect to receive a full response from us at the earliest opportunity and no later than 20 working days from the date we received your complaint.


In order to assist us with your enquiries, please provide your contact details and explain your concerns as clearly and fully as possible. There may be some occasions where we need to ask you for more information to investigate your concerns fully and, if this is the case, your kind response will enable us to resolve your complaint as promptly as possible.


We really hope that we are able to resolve your complaint in an honest, open and satisfactory way. However, if you are still unhappy you can request that your complaint be escalated to the Trustees who will review your concerns and the initial outcome before responding to you fully.

Following this, if you remain dissatisfied you can get in touch with either the Fundraising Regulator, if your complaint is about fundraising, or the Charity Commission, for other areas of our work.

Their contact details are below:


Fundraising Regulator

2nd Floor

CAN Mezzanine Building

49-51 East Road


N1 6AH

Tel: 0300 999 3407



The Charity Commission

PO Box 211


L20 7YX

Tel: 0300 066 9197


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