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Why should I join our Organisation?

Ensuring the safety and security of all people across

are at the heart of our organisation

By becoming a member you have taken the first step to making the area that you live a stronger and safer place to be.  We encourage you to connect with your neighbours and others within your community who also share your desire to help others:

  • Advice on how to join or start a scheme  A scheme is a group of members, usually in the same road or area, which has a coordinator to manage the scheme and ensure that members are kept up to date with local issues. Before joining a scheme, you must first register as a member.  

  • Crime prevention advice  We provide awareness of types of crimes that affect our communities such as vehicle crime, elder abuse, disability hate crime, and advice on access to CCTV.

  • Tackling important issues that affect our communities our organisation is not just about crime awareness, it's about supporting communities and tackling issues within them.  The affect on our communities caused by Youth IsolationLoneliness and Vulnerability is evident and we have developed this section with this in mind. Making you aware of these issues will enable you be proactive in your community to help those in our communities that need support.

  • Sharing local information and events  We provide you with contact information to your Associations and local schemes and will also enable you to promote local events.

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