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Consider an accredited burglar alarm system with audible alarm boxes mounted high at the front and rear of your home. Two visible audible alarm boxes are better than one. Mount them at the front and rear of your home, high up to resist tampering.

There are three types of burglar alarm, varying in capability and cost:

  1. Monitored – Once triggered, an alarm company or designated key holder can check to ensure it isn't a false alarm.

  2. Unmonitored – This type, once activated, will sound a loud alarm designed to scare off an intruder and alert neighbours but they are reliant on someone such as a neighbour checking the house. Auto Dialler – This system, once activated, alerts pre-programmed key holders with either a text or a phone call.

The police will typically respond to a burglar alarm if requested to do so by a monitoring company but are less likely to respond to an unmonitored alarm.

If you have an extension to your home remember to extend your burglar alarm coverage as well.

Signage is an effective deterrent if used with an active alarm system.

For advice and approved suppliers of alarms visit the National Security Inspectorate and the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board

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