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Electoral fraud

Electoral fraud is when someone tries to cheat in an election by breaking electoral laws. It is officially called electoral malpractice.

Electoral fraud includes:


  • not declaring campaign expenses properly

  • not including the names and addresses of the printer and who the leaflets were printed for on election leaflets


  • pretending to be someone else to use their vote

  • bribing someone to vote the way you want them to

  • abusing a position of power to persuade someone to vote your way, for example a religious leader telling their congregation which way to vote

Becoming a candidate

  • lying on a candidate nomination form

  • forging or making up signatures on a candidate nomination form

  • registering as a candidate when you are ineligible, for example because of your occupation or criminal record


  • registering to vote when you are not entitled to vote

  • lying about the deadline for people to register to vote, to stop people bothering to register

Report electoral fraud

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