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External Lighting

Lighting is a good deterrent and is recommended at doors as it makes it safer for you when coming and going after dark.

A clear, low white light that activates at dusk to dawn is ideal for lighting a yard and garden and allowing any person to be clearly seen.

Check to make sure that trees and plants do not obscure your lighting. It’s recommended that you regularly cut vegetation back.

Take care to position these lights so that light pollution doesn’t annoy your neighbours.

Internal lighting

Use an automatic plugin time switch to operate a lamp or light at pre-set times when you’re away.

Energy-saving LED bulbs are best as they do not use as much electricity, last longer than conventional bulbs and do not generate heat, reducing fire risk.

In blocks of flats, automatic low-energy lights that detect movement are recommended for corridors, stairwells and communal areas such as car parks and cycle stores.

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