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Pedlar's Certificate

A pedlar’s certificate is a document authorising the bearer to sell goods or services door-to-door anywhere in the UK for up to 12 months.

Find out more below, including how to apply for a pedlar’s certificate and the details you’ll need to support your application.

What is a pedlar?

As per the Pedlar’s Act 1871, a ‘pedlar’ is a self-regulated, certified, pedestrian service provider, travelling and trading within any part of the UK, carrying to sell or exposing for sale any goods.

In simple terms, this means any person who travels on foot, going from town to town or house to house selling goods or offering their skills in handicrafts and selling such things as pictures, dusters and household goods.

The Pedlars Act 1871 protects our civil liberty to freely trade in public under the authority of a pedlar's certificate.

How to apply for a pedlar’s certificate You can apply for a pedlar's certificate using our online form.

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