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Tips for making other people feel safer on the streets

Some of this advice might seem obvious, but there are some simple things we can do to help other people feel safer when they're out in public.

Keep your distance

When walking behind someone, particularly at night, try to leave a good amount of distance between yourself and the person ahead of you. Remember that the closer you are, the more threatening you might seem.

Don’t stare

A stranger staring at you can be intimidating and unsettling. Focus on something else to show you’re not a threat. Look out of the window, message a friend, or read a book or newspaper.

Cross the road

Somebody running up behind you, particularly at night, can be frightening.

If you’re out for an evening run, or walk, and see someone walking ahead, cross the road, call out to let them know you’re about to run by them or make sure to leave a good amount of space when you pass them.

Keep comments to yourself

What you might think of as just a bit of fun, or flattery, can be insulting, upsetting or even scary to someone else. Keep any comments or opinions to yourself.

Keep your friends in line

If you're in a group of people where someone is harassing another person on the street, try to calm the situation. They may just need to be told that they're behaving inappropriately.

Be an active bystander

If you notice someone is uncomfortable with another person's behaviour, show your support by being an active bystander. It can be as simple as standing between a person and their harasser to block their line of sight. Ask that person if they need any help, and back up anyone else who is intervening.

Share these tips

Sharing these tips with other people can go a long way towards making us all feel safer on the streets.

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