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Protect Your Property Against Vandalism

Vandalism is where property is maliciously destroyed or damaged - frequently without theft being involved. Safeguard your property with our advice below.

1. Keep it visible

It might feel like your house is more secure behind a high wall or fence but the fact it can’t be seen from the street could make it a more tempting target. Make sure your property can be easily seen by your neighbours and the public by ensuring hedges, fences and walls at the front are no higher than one metre. That way, you’re not giving an intruder anywhere to hide. Clever use of lighting can also help to keep burglars at bay. We recommend dusk-till-dawn, low-level white lighting, especially in vulnerable, low visibility areas such as the side or the rear of the property. Lights should be a minimum of three metres above ground with vandal-resistant casings.

2. Create a boundary

By doing this, you’re laying out your patch, marking your territory – and anyone crossing that line uninvited or unauthorised is trespassing. You can do this in a number of ways, such as a low fence, wall, hedge, flower bed or small bushes. Best to avoid a rockery or large stones as they can be used by vandals. And if you’re having your driveway done, make it a different colour to that of the road.

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