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How to protect yourself from stalking and harassment

If you are, or someone you know is, being stalking or harassed, there are ways to help deal with this.

Keep records

Keep a record of events, either written down or on a phone or computer. Record each event as soon as possible afterwards and put the time and date.

It's also useful to:

  • note details of any witnesses who may have seen or heard anything

  • keep a record of how the person harassing you looked; details of their clothes or car

  • keep messages or record any phone calls you receive

  • use 1471 on the phone and write down the details of calls, including times and the telephone numbers (including unanswered calls)

  • ask neighbours, friends and people you work with to record any details if they witness anything

Check your online safety

Check your social media accounts to make sure your personal details aren't available to the public.

It's also useful to:

  • make sure only your friends can see your social media posts, not the public

  • check privacy settings on social networking sites and only give basic information

  • Google yourself to check none of your details are available online

  • don’t use the same password for everything

  • turn off the location setting on your phone

  • check your tagging settings on social media

  • keep your antivirus software up to date

  • report harassment to website administrators

  • if you think your smartphone or computer has been hacked (someone else has broken into it), stop using it and take it to your mobile phone provider or computer expert for advice

Unwanted calls

If you're receiving unwanted calls:

  • don’t answer the phone with your address or phone number

  • if you don't know the caller, don't answer questions about yourself, no matter how honest they sound

  • if you have voicemail, don't include your name or number in the message

  • a voicemail message should never tell people that you're out or away

  • if you’re listed in any directories, give your initials and surname rather than your full name

  • never show anger or fear over the phone: remain calm and confident

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