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John Tizard

John Tizard

03/05/2024 - Present

Current PCC

John Tizard

I live in Bedfordshire and experience and understand residents’ concerns.

I was a leading county councillor for eighteen years and served on the former Bedfordshire Authority.

I have significant leadership experience in business, charities, and the public sector.

I have what is required to take on this serious job.

I regard this a full-time role requiring a focus on the interests of our communities, not self-promotion.

My missions for Bedfordshire Police –

Restore effective community policing

  • working for, in and with communities in every neighbourhood and village

  • tackling anti-social behaviour and other crimes

Significantly reduce crime against women and children

  • tackling domestic abuse and all forms of violence

  • partnerships with women’s groups and councils

  • specialist police teams

Focus resources on serious crime

  • cyber-crime and fraud

  • knife crime including introducing youth hubs

  • drug crime

  • modern day slavery and trafficking

  • hate crime

  • rural crimes and wildlife crime

Invest in prevention and tackling the causes of crime

  • partnerships with councils and the NHS

  • community engagement

Ensure an outstanding police service

  • clear strategies and targets

  • high performance and value for money

  • effective and efficient offering value for money

  • listening and responding and engaging residents and businesses

As the PCC I would specifically

  • be supportive of the police but always be the voice of the community

  • be strategic not operational

  • hold the Chief Constable to account on behalf the people of Bedfordshire

  • listen and engage with residents, businesses and communities

  • show leadership across the Bedfordshire criminal justice system

  • be a fearless advocate for Bedfordshire to national government

  • work in partnership with a Labour Home Secretary

  • make the case for more funding

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