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Umme Ali

Umme Ali

03/05/2024 - Present

Current DPCC

Umme Ali

- Paediatric Dietitian, UNISON member and @LutonFoodbank

 & @CitizensAdvice  bureau trustee, dedicated to tackling poverty and empowering young people

Umme Ali, has been selected as the Deputy PCC nominee to @JohnTizard.

Umme is a born and raised Lutonian and councillor on Luton Borough Council representing High Town ward.

Umme has lived in Luton all her life, attending Ashcroft High School and Luton Sixth Form College before studying at university, and currently works in the NHS as a Specialist Paediatric Dietitian.

In her role as a councillor, Umme has worked closely with the residents of High town, police and local charities to help address the on street sexual exploitation. She has experience in engaging diverse communities, working with young people, and amplifying and inspiring voices that are often unheard.

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